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A "News at a Glance" research highlight of our Minimal Cell Simulations "Computer mimics ‘minimal’ cell" by Science Magazine is available at the following: Computer Mimics a Minimal Cell, Take a look!.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Public Affairs Bureau has published a research highlight of our Minimal Cell Simulations "Researchers simulate behavior of living 'minimal cell' in three dimensions" which is available at: Simulations offer insight into fundamental principles of life.

The New Yorker Magazine has published a research highlight of our Minimal Cell Simulations "A Journey to the Center of Our Cells" which is available at: Biologists are discovering the true nature of cells—and learning to build their own..

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To install Lattice Microbes v2.3 to build and simulate the HeLa cell model given in the publication above: please follow the HeLa Cell Model Installation Guide and the LM Linux Installation Guide. and use the LM_2.3_dependency_sources as mentioned in the Installation Guide.

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Synthetic Organisms Simplify Biology


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