Photo Gallery

NSF CPLC Summer School 2019

March 2019 Investiture for Murchison-Mallory Chair of Chemistry

Zan with daughter Charlotte Schulten and son-in-law Casey Bradford

Zan with CPLC Associate Director Sharlene Denos and group members, David Bianchi,Zane Thornburg, Troy Brier, and Angela Barragan.

Reception with friends and family, Tony, Matthias, and Haruko in discussion.


NIH Center and NSF iPols Cell Simulation Workshop July 2018

6 Instructors, 11 Graduate Students, 3 Postdocs, 3 Professors, 17 Participants

The Luthey-Schulten group, along with Jingyi Fei's lab Matthew Reyer, and Seongjin Park (University of Chicago Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) taught a module during the 2019 NSF CPLC summer school: Quantitative imaging and cell simulation of small regulatory RNA

Clockwise: Nobelist Tony Leggett gave the laudation, Steve Zimmerman hired me when he was department head, Martin Gruebele is the present head of the chemistry department, and Feng Sheng Hu, dean of the college of engineering,Andreas Cangellaris, Provost.

Meeting with collaborators at J. Craig Venter Institute, August, 2019 Clyde Hutchison, Elizabeth Villa(UCSD), Kim Wise, John Glass